Welcome to the Sports page! This is where you can find out whos playing against each other and even some special events that are happening too. You can email me at cutevampire911@verizon.net to send me a comment of who you think is the best! Here's a look at who's playing on Saturday September 19th:

Football:                                Baseball:

Patriots vs. Jets                    Indians vs. Athletics

Saints vs. Eagles                 Giants vs. Dodgers

Rams vs. Redskins              Tigers vs. Twins

Cardinals vs. Jaguars          Cubs vs. Cardinals

Panthers vs. Falcons            Red Sox vs. Orioles

Vikings vs. Lions                   Phillies vs. Braves

Bengals vs. Packers             Royals vs. White Sox

Texans vs. Titans                   Brewers vs. Astros

Raiders vs. Chiefs                 Angels vs. Rangers

Buccaneers vs. Bills              Marlins vs. Reds

Seahawks vs. 49ers              Blue Jays vs. Rays

Ravens vs. Chargers             Diamondbacks vs. Rockies

Steelers vs. Bears                  Yankees vs. Mariners

Browns vs. Broncos               Padres vs. Pirates

Giants vs. Cowboys               Nationals vs. Mets

Colts vs. Dolphins

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