September 12th
September 19th

Welcome to the Economy Page! This is where you get the latest info on how our economy is doing and a tip of the week to help you save money. Last week, there was a show of concern for the top three, but they were coming out fine. This week, we were heading for a downfall, but quickly and happily recovered. Hooray! And now it's time for our...

Money Saving Tip of the Week!

Tip: Make big dinners and freeze leftovers.
By making leftovers you can save on bills for your stove (depending on it being gas or electric), and you can save on waste too. Besides, who doesn't love to heat up some fajitas from last nights dinner? Some of the dinners can be less time consuming when stashed away in the refrigerator. For example, an hour and a half for lasanga can end up being just a few minutes in the microwave the next day.

Just another way to save your wallets from the evil cash register!